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At Easy Sleepā„¢, we don't use fancy names and complicated layers to justify charging high prices. We specialise in making mattress toppers that offer pure comfort and support using the perfect blend of our gel-infused memory foam covered in eco-friendly bamboo.

Made in South Africa

Sustainable & durable Eco-friendly Bamboo Cover

Add support and Extend life of new or existing mattress 

Free express delivery to your doorstep

Extend & Revitalize your new or existing mattress.

The Easy Sleepā„¢ Topper provides additional support to your existing mattress and makes a FIRM OR HARD BED a pleasure to sleep on.

An all new luxury design with our new GenX Gel-infused memory foam wrapped in a eco-friendly bamboo cover. Ideal for posture support and pressure relief.

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Never Go Flat!

The Easy Sleepā„¢ Never Go Flat range will always go back to its original shape. Designed with micro breathable latex to avoid heat build up. Say goodbye to neck and back pain with this med-soft latex pillow.

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